Помощь: Smileys

Below is a list of the smileys available on this forum. Note that smileys may differ from forum to forum.

Please note that not all of the smiley codes will be correctly parsed and converted to images unless their opening spaces are present.

Name Image (click to insert) Code (type to insert)
girl_flag_of_truce :girl_flag_of_truce: :girl_flag_of_truce:
scratch_one-s_head :scratch_one-s_head: :scratch_one-s_head:
girl_spruce_up :girl_spruce_up: :girl_spruce_up:
girl_in_dreams :girl_in_dreams: :girl_in_dreams:
girl_hysteric :girl_hysteric: :girl_hysteric:
girl_hospital :girl_hospital: :girl_hospital:
flag_of_truce :flag_of_truce: :flag_of_truce:
girl_feminist :girl_feminist: :girl_feminist:
i_am_so_happy :i_am_so_happy: :i_am_so_happy:
girl_in_love :girl_in_love: :girl_in_love:
girl_claping :girl_claping: :girl_claping:
congratulate :congratulate: :congratulate:
girl_curtsey :girl_curtsey: :girl_curtsey:
new_russian :new_russian: :new_russian:
l_speedboat :l_speedboat: :l_speedboat:
girl_unsure :girl_unsure: :girl_unsure:
girl_tender :girl_tender: :girl_tender:
girl_phone1 :girl_phone1: :girl_phone1:
girl_crazzy :girl_crazzy: :girl_crazzy:
aqua_proffi :aqua_proffi: :aqua_proffi:
man_in_love :man_in_love: :man_in_love:
spiteful_r :spiteful_r: :spiteful_r:
spiteful_f :spiteful_f: :spiteful_f:
pleasantry :pleasantry: :pleasantry:
plants_bon :plants_bon: :plants_bon:
give_heart :give_heart: :give_heart:
girl_witch :girl_witch: :girl_witch:
girl_devil :girl_devil: :girl_devil:
aggressive :aggressive: :aggressive:
girl_angel :girl_angel: :girl_angel:
girl_crazy :girl_crazy: :girl_crazy:
girl_flirt :girl_flirt: :girl_flirt:
girl_smile :girl_smile: :girl_smile:
russian_b :russian_b: :russian_b:
russian_a :russian_a: :russian_a:
pooh_door :pooh_door: :pooh_door:
pick_ones :pick_ones: :pick_ones:
give_rose :give_rose: :give_rose:
girl_haha :girl_haha: :girl_haha:
friends_f :friends_f: :friends_f:
cherna_02 :cherna_02: :cherna_02:
aqua_nano :aqua_nano: :aqua_nano:
aqua_mini :aqua_mini: :aqua_mini:
girl_bye2 :girl_bye2: :girl_bye2:
girl_cool :girl_cool: :girl_cool:
girl_cray :girl_cray: :girl_cray:
girl_wink :girl_wink: :girl_wink:
good2_002 :good2_002: :good2_002:
sarcastic :sarcastic: :sarcastic:
thank_you "thank_you" "thank_you"
suicide2 :suicide2: :suicide2:
praising :praising: :praising:
plants_b :plants_b: :plants_b:
l_moto_v :l_moto_v: :l_moto_v:
l_moto_k :l_moto_k: :l_moto_k:
hunter_k :hunter_k: :hunter_k:
happy_fo :happy_fo: :happy_fo:
girl_yes :girl_yes: :girl_yes:
girl_wub :girl_wub: :girl_wub:
girl_nea :girl_nea: :girl_nea:
girl_imp :girl_imp: :girl_imp:
girl_bye :girl_bye: :girl_bye:
girl_1el :girl_1el: :girl_1el:
clapping :clapping: :clapping:
air_kiss :air_kiss: :air_kiss:
spiteful :spiteful: :spiteful:
girl_emo :girl_emo: :girl_emo:
girl_mad :girl_mad: :girl_mad:
girl_sad :girl_sad: :girl_sad:
morning1 :morning1: :morning1:
negative :negative: :negative:
aggressive :aggress2: :aggress2:
unknown :unknown: :unknown:
timeout :timeout: :timeout:
russian :russian: :russian:
pooh_go :pooh_go: :pooh_go:
happy_p :happy_p: :happy_p:
happy_n :happy_n: :happy_n:
give_ht :give_ht: :give_ht:
girl_st :girl_st: :girl_st:
girl_1r :girl_1r: :girl_1r:
girl_1g :girl_1g: :girl_1g:
girl_1e :girl_1e: :girl_1e:
girl_1b :girl_1b: :girl_1b:
gav_gav :gav_gav: :gav_gav:
friends :friends: :friends:
blink_s :blink_s: :blink_s:
biggrin :biggrin: :biggrin:
Angel_g :Angel_g: :Angel_g:
Angel_m :Angel_m: :Angel_m:
boredom :boredom: :boredom:
empathy :empathy: :empathy:
mocking :mocking: :mocking:
tomato :tomato2: :tomato2:
pardon :pardon: :pardon:
mail_k :mail_k: :mail_k:
l_moto :l_moto: :l_moto:
komp_s :komp_s: :komp_s:
komp_r :komp_r: :komp_r:
hunter :hunter: :hunter:
girl_u :girl_u: :girl_u:
drinks :drinks: :drinks:
diablo :diablo: :diablo:
dance2 :dance2: :dance2:
blum_w :blum_w: :blum_w:
aggres :aggres: :aggres:
ireful :ireful: :ireful:
wacko1 :wacko1: :wacko1:
smoke :smoke2: :smoke2:
viporu :viporu: :viporu:
yahoo :yahoo: :yahoo:
wacko :wacko: :wacko:
tease :tease: :tease:
sorry :sorry: :sorry:
sleep :sleep: :sleep:
ph34r :ph34r: :ph34r:
pcorn :pcorn: :pcorn:
mail1 :mail1: :mail1:
l_spe :l_spe: :l_spe:
kiss3 :kiss3: :kiss3:
gamer :gamer: :gamer:
dance :dance: :dance:
crozy :crozy: :crozy:
crazy :crazy: :crazy:
chirk :chirk: :chirk:
chess :chess: :chess:
blush :blush: :blush:
blink :blink: :blink:
bayan :bayan: :bayan:
acute :acute: :acute:
smoke :smoke: :smoke:
angel :angel: :angel:
laugh :laugh: :laugh:
oktop :oktop: :oktop:
dash1 :dash1: :dash1:
hang1 :hang1: :hang1:
music :music: :music:
nyam1 :nyam1: :nyam1:
nyam2 :nyam2: :nyam2:
beach :beach: :beach:
страшно :scare: :scare:
zmey :zmey: :zmey:
w00t :w00t: :w00t:
vava :vava: :vava:
stop :stop: :stop:
sm83 :sm83: :sm83:
sm81 :sm81: :sm81:
sm80 :sm80: :sm80:
sm79 :sm79: :sm79:
sm01 :sm01: :sm01:
shok :shok: :shok:
rofl :rofl: :rofl:
obez :obez: :obez:
love :love: :love:
help :help: :help:
good :good: :good:
fool :fool: :fool:
excl :excl: :excl:
cray :cray: :cray:
bomb :bomb: :bomb:
aqua :aqua: :aqua:
827 :0827: :0827:
826 :0826: :0826:
825 :0825: :0825:
824 :0824: :0824:
819 :0819: :0819:
818 :0818: :0818:
817 :0817: :0817:
787 :0787: :0787:
779 :0779: :0779:
726 :0726: :0726:
710 :0710: :0710:
518 :0518: :0518:
504 :0504: :0504:
489 :0489: :0489:
468 :0468: :0468:
467 :0467: :0467:
466 :0466: :0466:
399 :0399: :0399:
305 :0305: :0305:
299 :0299: :0299:
253 :0253: :0253:
rolley rolley rolley
cool :cool: :cool:
kiss :kiss: :kiss:
bye2 :bye2: :bye2:
Цензура :cen2: :cen2:
ven :ven: :ven:
nea :nea: :nea:
hom :hom: :hom:
bad :bad: :bad:
59 :059: :059:
51 :051: :051:
29 :029: :029:
26 :026: :026:
25 :025: :025:
24 :024: :024:
23 :023: :023:
22 :022: :022:
21 :021: :021:
1 :001: :001:
huh :huh: :huh:
bye :bye: :bye:
yes :yes: :yes:
tss (tss) (tss)
neh (neh) (neh)
tort1 tort1 tort1
:390: :390:
пират :pir: :pir:
:zol: :zol:
Цензура :cen: :cen:
bomb bomb bomb
ty :ty: :ty:
hi :hi: :hi:
Ромашки :dw: :dw:
sm23 sm23 sm23
sm1 sm1 sm1
mad mad mad
aaa aaa aaa
cat cat cat
:( :( :(
:D :D :D
:) :) :)
blum :p :p
wink ;) ;)
ohmy :o :o
dance4 dance4 dance4